Solemn Vespers and Exhibition of the Volpi Urn

On the last Sunday of October, the celebration of a Solemn Vespers will be attended by four choirs of the Conservatory, along with some soloists and instrumentalists, who will perform music by Claudio Monteverdi and other contemporaries. During the Vespers will be exhibited the Volpi Urn, the precious reliquary of the late sixteenth century, wanted by Bishop Gianantonio (1559-1588), the first actuator of the Tridentine reforms … Continue reading Solemn Vespers and Exhibition of the Volpi Urn »

Easter 2017

Dear brothers, this liturgical congregation is a prelude to the Easter of our Lord, and we are preparing to it with penance and with charity acts since the lent time Above the Bishop Oscar Cantoni’s beginning words in his Easter Speech during the Palm Sunday. These words help us to find the deep meaning of these unique days of the liturgical year. What is the belief … Continue reading Easter 2017 »