Easter 2017

Dear brothers,
this liturgical congregation is a prelude to the Easter of our Lord, and we are preparing to it with penance and with charity acts since the lent time

Above the Bishop Oscar Cantoni’s beginning words in his Easter Speech during the Palm Sunday. These words help us to find the deep meaning of these unique days of the liturgical year.

What is the belief that guide us? what is the desire that we have in our hearts? What are the hopes about this Ester, that it is the first that the Bishop Oscar spent with us in the Cathedral?

Everyone has own answer, but do not forget that an active participation to the liturgical days  need the presence, and everyone has to plan own time and the time of own family to allow the participation. The Eucharistic banquet with the sacramental Communion and the Confession are the must of the participation.

During the Maundy Thursday we take to the alar our lent renunciations for the diocese missions, and during the Good Friday we take part to the offertory for the Holy LandIn the Easter Vigil the Bishop baptize five catechumens, they remember us our renewed faith and witness promises.

The Easter time will be enriched by the presence of the Our Lady of Fatima from 7th to 13th  May, and then by the Memoria Cathedralis and the 7th centenary of the High Altar dedication.